Having trouble bridging your modem and your Astaro Security Gateway?

I know I was. I just couldn’t get the thing to connect when I change my ASG’s external interface from ‘Cable Modem (DHCP)’ to PPPoE.

The answer? Instead of changing the interface delete it first and just re-create it – worked a charm for me!

Also worth noting that deleting the interface took my NAT settings with it – I just reverted to the backup, took some screen shots and then recreated them.

MS Access – Link tables with VBA

Just posting this here because I can never remember it myself. I can also never find it online either so it might be simple and handy to others too…

Sub LinkTables()
    Dim tbl As New TableDef
    Dim ConnectString As String

    ConnectString = "ODBC;DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=myServerName;DATABASE=myDatabaseName;uid=myUserID;pwd=myPa$$w0rd"

    Set tbl = New TableDef
    On Error Resume Next

    tbl.Name = "destinationTableName"
    tbl.SourceTableName = "sourceTableName"
    tbl.Connect = ConnectString
    CurrentDb.TableDefs.Append tbl
End Sub