SSRS Query for Report Executions

I whipped up this query to put in a report to give me a list of the executions of our SQL Server Reporting Services reports and their run counts with the user and additional details being available on a drill down. It’s a simple query and very easy to adapt.

SELECT C.[Path], C.CreationDate, CU.UserName as CreatedBy, C.ModifiedDate, MU.Username as ModifiedBy,  E.Username as RunBy, E.TimeStart as DateTimeRun, DATEDIFF("ss", E.TimeStart, E.TimeEnd) as ExecutionTime, E.Parameters as RunParameters

FROM [Catalog] C 
 LEFT JOIN Users CU ON C.CreatedById = CU.UserID
 LEFT JOIN Users MU ON C.ModifiedById = MU.UserID
 LEFT JOIN ExecutionLog E ON C.ItemID = E.ReportID
WHERE C.[Type] = 2 -- reports only
ORDER BY C.[Path], RunBy, E.TimeStart