Ultra-simple PHP Thumbnail Web Gallery

I used this once when I wanted to share a bunch of photos that I took on a group holiday. Years later, this is still my favourite simple option. All you need is a for this to work is a folder called ‘thumbs’ and a folder called ‘images’ (guess what goes where) – just make sure the file names are identical in each. Then simply make your index.php for the root folder out of the below code and you are done!

if ($handle = opendir('thumbs')) {
      $list = array();
    while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
            array_push($list, $file);

    foreach ($list as $filename) {
            if ($filename == '.' || $filename == '..') {
                  //do nothing
            } else {
                  echo '<a href="images/'.$filename.'"><img src="thumbs/'.$filename.'" border=0></a>';

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